"Some seeds were planted for something that is gonna be very important in Houston. There will be a Houston school of improvised music which will have its own characteristics and its own heroes." - Joe McPhee, speaking on his experience in working with Nameless sound youth (2002)

They, Who Sound

1. THEY, WHO SOUND on February 6, 2023 will feature: Jade Castillo & YATTA

2. Twice per month we will reach into our archive to showcase video documentation of “They, Who Sound”.

Nameless Sound Is Looking For Artist Facilitators

3. Nameless Sound is looking for creative improvisational and/or experimental musicians to work as Artist-Facilitators in its youth-centered, collaborative, improvisation-based workshop program.

Nameless: 20 Years Of Sound

4. Explore the history of Nameless Sound through featured essays, never before released audio, performance videos, and other notable collections from the historic vault. Starting in January 2021, editions will focus on artists who have left a sonic and social imprint on the networks of Nameless Sound audiences, musicians, and youth. With materials and accounts dating from our time as a branch of The Pauline Oliveros Foundation to more recent years.
creative music, of and for the community

Our Programs

Nameless Sound is committed to a vision of personal and community growth through creative music.

Our core programs are Creative Music Communities, an innovative music education initiative, and Creative Music Concert Series, a series of performances focused on international artists in the field of groundbreaking contemporary music. We have also partnered with Lawndale to present They, Who Sound Special Delivery, which (in response COVID-19) is a new iteration of a weekly concert series of regional artists titled They, Who Sound. Special Delivery brings short performances by local musicians to anyone who would like to receive one at a safe 6-foot minimum distance from the purchaser’s front door or front porch.

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2023 Resounding Vision Award

Honoring Cooper-Moore & Casey Williams
March 3, 2023

Upcoming Events


02/06/2023 T,WS: Jade Castillo & YATTA

Event Time
7:30 pm
9:30 pm
Event Location
Lawndale Art & Performance Center