Contribute To Nameless Sound

Every day, young musicians in homeless shelters, refugee communities, after-school programs, and public schools rely on Nameless Sound for therapeutic, educational, and joyful community music-making.

Help us to ensure the sustainability of this creative practice. Not only for 2000 young Nameless Sound musicians, but for the international cutting-edge of musicians who bring a vital artistry to Houston audiences.

They need your support.

If this work has ever touched your life, know that it has also touched the lives of hundreds of children across the City of Houston. If you have ever discovered an artist through Nameless Sound that you have never heard before, know that these children have as well. If you’ve ever met community through Nameless Sound, remember that these kids have also.

Now more than ever, young people need creative and healing opportunities to express themselves and make human connections.

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The Cullen Trust for the Performing ArtsTexas Commission on the ArtsHouston Arts AllianceThe Simmons FoundationNational Endowment for the ArtsThe Brown FoundationHouston EndowmentThe Joan Hohlt and Roger Wich Foundation

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Nisa Ari, Sarah Atwood, Roberto E. Bedoya, Douglas Bishea, Donna Blain, Jacquelina Cerrillo, Owen & Mary Collins-Raun, Douglas Colton, Austin Cooley, Stephen Crawford, Cathy Crouch, Olivia De Jesus, Maryane Dinkins, Cindy Dove, Brad Emrich, Joshua Escobar, David Feil, Chris Fry, Jeffrey Gold, Diane Granahan, Natilee Harren, Jenny Johnson, Bonnie Jones, Justin M. Jones, Karen Joy, Sarah Ketalaars, Sharon & Keith Kirby, Brady K. Knapo, Randi Long, Linda Marroquin, Daniel Mee, David Miller, Andrew Monzon, Cesar Nahas, Chris Nelson, Andrew Nicolau, Heather Nodler, Jack Oden, Ann Panopio, Selina Pishori, John Pluecker, Troy D. Porter, Nicholas Rattner, Owen Raun, Ruth E. Raun, Joe & Anne Romano, Regina Romano, David & Patricia Rosenberg, Robert Schaffer, Eleanor Schorre, Gail R. Schorre, Timothy Schorre, Will Schorre, Carrie E. Scott, Gregory Smith, Peter Sullivan, Roberto Tejada, Emily Todd, Yvonne Torres, Randy Twaddle, Stalina Villarreal, Melissa Warak, Robert Weber, JoAnn Williams, Joseph Wonzy, Katia Zavistovski

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Allan Aguilar, Karley Aiken, Stewart Anderson, Rene Cruz, Dalla Terra, Dirigible Designs, Dungan Miller Design, Ryan Edwards, Enchanted Nurseries, Adriana Espinosa, Sonia Flores, Rob Forman, Pete Gershon, Gin Mare, Johnny’s Gold Brick, Nancy Granahan, Andrea Guerrero, Justin Jones, Robert J. Killian, Ruth Langston, Liberty Kitchen, Li Veli, Josh Lyles, James Magee, Gabriel Martinez, Jack Massing, David Miller, Morningside Architects LLP, Chris Nelson, William Parker, Regina Romano, Alauna Rubin, Gail Schorre, Akio Suzuki, The Estate of Casey Williams, Ttweak, Jo Ann Williams