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Every day, young musicians in homeless shelters, refugee communities, after-school programs, and public schools rely on Nameless Sound for therapeutic, educational, and joyful community music-making.

Help us to ensure the sustainability of this creative practice. Not only for 2000 young Nameless Sound musicians, but for the international cutting-edge of musicians who bring a vital artistry to Houston audiences.They need your support.

If this work has ever touched your life, know that it has also touched the lives of hundreds of children across the City of Houston.

If you have ever discovered an artist through Nameless Sound that you have never heard before, know that these children have as well. If you’ve ever met community through Nameless Sound, remember that these kids have also.Now more than ever, young people need creative and healing opportunities to express themselves and make human connections.

Now more than ever, these young people need creative and healing opportunities to express themselves and make human connections.


Please support Nameless Sound.

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