Ongoing Classes and Workshops

Fall 2020

‍Nameless Sound’s Open Workshops for youth are now availablelive online via Zoom, Skype, or Facetime.
Contact Jason Jackson at or 832-596-0598 forinformation. When we are able to resume in-person classes, they will be held at MECA.

Nameless Sound iscommitted to a vision of personal and community growth through creative music.Creative music is an ideal context to address group awareness, self-awareness,empowerment, vulnerability, and diversity. The skills developed through musicalimprovisation emphasize listening, creativity, spontaneity, dialogue, andself-expression.

Classes are in session now. All classes are free of charge.

Class Descriptions:

Creative Kids Ensemble
Ages 5-13
Facilitated by Jason Jackson
The Creative Kids Ensemble will explore the joy of music making in a fun,positive, and affirming environment. Sound, rhythm, singing, drumming, andmusical story-telling will be used to explore coordination, listening,leadership, creativity, group-awareness, and self-awareness. Instruments areprovided. Children are encouraged to bring their own instruments as well.

Creative Music for Special Needs Community
Scheduled by appointment
Facilitated by Jason Jackson

Nameless Sound explores music making for the special needs community. In an encouragingand structured environment, participants will engage in musical exercises thatemphasize listening, coordination, peer support, self-expression,self-empowerment, and non-verbal communication. Instruments are provided.Participants are encouraged to bring their own instruments, too.