Nameless Sound Mexico/Texas Ensemble at The Hill of James Magee
photo by @herrhanz

Nameless Sound Mexico/Texas Ensemble at The Hill of James Magee

3PM Mountain Standard Time
October 14, 2023 3:00 PM
October 14, 2023 8:00 PM
LocationThe Hill of James Magee
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Nameless Sound, The Cornudas Mountain Foundation, and the University of Texas at El Paso Department of Art present

A rare site-specific event in the West Texas desert
At The Hill of James Magee

by the Nameless Sound Mexico/Texas Ensemble
performing an Original Composition by Eight Musicians -
Facilitated by Carmina Escobar and David Dove

David Dove (Texas) - trombone
Carmina Escobar (Mexico/California) - voice
Justin Jones (Texas) - voice
Jeronimo N (Mexico) - percussion, hand-made instruments
Natalia P Turner (Mexico) - cello
Ivette Roman-Roberto (Texas) - voice
Milos Tamez - (Mexico) - percussion, hand-made instruments
Jawwaad Taylor (Texas) - trumpet

Saturday, October 14 2023
3pm (Mountain Standard Time)

Tickets available on Monday, August 28th
$75 General
$25 Students

The Cornudas Mountain Foundation and Nameless Sound present the fifth in their series of rare site-specific events at The Hill of James Magee, a monumental work of art located in a vast expanse of West Texas’ Chihuahuan desert.

Still in progress, Magee’s lifework is nearly 40 years in the making. Located 70 miles East of El Paso on private land, The Hill is confounding in its very existence. How did one man with no training as an architect or engineer construct these forms, “off the grid”, out in the middle of nowhere, and with only a single assistant? How did he get these massive and fragile artworks of steel and glass to this location, and installed in these buildings? A testament to a life of absolute dedication, the Hill has a profoundly moving effect on the handful who have encountered the unlikely aberration in this expansive landscape.

The Hill consists of four flat-roofed buildings, positioned at exact cardinal points, standing 17-feet high on four 10-foot high platforms. The buildings, platforms and connecting cruciform walkway are constructed of the same shale rock. Each building has two sets of towering iron doors extending the height of the structure. Identical on the outside, each building contains distinct sculptural works within, constructions of industrial intensity holding organic fragility. Imposing steel frames unfold on massive hinges in several layers to uncover glass enclosures. Within these mighty enclosures, strata of shattered glass, rust, spice, textiles, flower petals, and other textured and organic materials collage into ecstatic topographies.

This event presents a rare opportunity to visit the monumental yet very personal site.

Nameless Sound at The Hill of James Magee
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Raffle of Painting by Gabriel Martinez
They, Who Salon

found fabric on linen
12 x 9 in

All proceeds support
They, Who Sound

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