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Nameless Sound was established in 2001 to present the best of international contemporary music and to support the exploration of new methods in arts education

Nameless Sound presents concerts by premier artists in the world of creative music. In addition, Nameless Sound artists work directly with students from Houston’s public schools, community centers, and homeless shelters. Nameless Sound’s educational work helps to nurture a new generation of artists and inspire tomorrow’s creative thinkers

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Deep Listening Institute Houston

Nameless Sound 
Creative Music Ensembles for Young People

creative music classes

Nameless Sound is committed to a vision of personal and community growth through creative music. Creative music is an ideal context to address group awareness, self-awareness, empowerment, vulnerability, and diversity. The skills developed through musical improvisation emphasize listening, creativity, spontaneity, dialogue, and self-expression.

Classes are held at MECA and taught by David Dove and Jason Jackson.

MECA is located at 1900 Kane St., Houston, TX 77007 ( map)


Summer classes are in session.

All classes are free of charge. There is a flat $30 registration fee required by MECA. This can be done by arriving early on the first day or contacting MECA at 713-802-9370.

For more information or to register, call 713-928-5653 or email david.dove@namelesssound.org

Class Descriptions:

Search & Reflect: a Music Workshop Handbook by John Stevens
Every Wednesday, June 15 through July 27, 5:30pm to 8pm
Facilitated by David Dove
If you are interested in attending, please send an email to david.dove@namelessssound.org

We will be gathering every Wednesday for 7 weeks, in order to go through the exercises in John Stevens' landmark publication Search and Reflect: A Music Workshop Handbook.

One the most influential figures of the free improvisation scene that emerged from Europe in the 1960’s, percussionist John Stevens left a foundational legacy through the music of the Spontaneous Music Ensemble as well as through his workshop exercises. Many of these exercises have been widely disseminated (in original or altered form) by the musicians who performed with Stevens. In 1985, Community Music Ltd. published these exercises as Search & Reflect.

Our 7-week workshop is open to all; but we are looking for participants who will attend as consistently as possible, as much of this curriculum builds progressively from the starting exercises. Instruments and voices are welcome.

Creative Kids Ensemble
Ages 5-13, Mondays 5pm to 6pm
Facilitated by Jason Jackson / Contact at (832) 596-0598 or jason@namelesssound.org

The Creative Kids Ensemble will explore the joy of music making in a fun, positive, and affirming environment. Sound, rhythm, singing, drumming, and musical story-telling will be used to explore coordination, listening, leadership, creativity, group-awareness, and self-awareness. Instruments are provided. Children are encouraged to bring their own instruments as well.

Creative Music for Special Needs Community
Scheduled by appointment
Facilitated by Jason Jackson / Contact at (832) 596-0598 or jason@namelesssound.org

Nameless Sound explores music making for the special needs community. In an encouraging and structured environment, participants will engage in musical exercises that emphasize listening, coordination, peer support, self-expression, self-empowerment, and non-verbal communication. Instruments are provided. Participants are encouraged to bring their own instruments, too.

We offer two types of Special Needs Classes:
Creative Music for Basic Skills Community
Creative Music for High Functioning Community